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How to handle cancellation

Every stylists have dealt with this situation multiple times if not from the same client then from various clients. We understand emergencies and cancellations can happen after all we live in an imperfect world and something’s are out of our control, however; If you start to see a routine in your clients frequently canceling you need to start drawing the line. Here are some tips to help you deal situation like this in a professional way.


Appointment Deposit

If your salon does not do this already it is a good way to enforce this policy. Let the each client know when booking an appointment that cancelation or any late appointment after 20 minutes will have a charging fee.

How Much?

While there isn’t a right or wrong amount that you should be charging, you should try and pin point a charge. For example if you choose to charge 20-50% no show and the service was a total of $120 you can charge them a fee off $24-$60.

When are cancellation ok?

24 hours before their appointment should be a reasonable amount of time for no charge. Gives you enough time to adjust and let others book if they like.

Appreciate your clients

In some rare occasions you might have one of your loyal customers cancel last minute. It might be best to keep that loyal customer and not charge them a fee, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The magic happens once you step out of your comfort zone by demanding time and services in a simple way.

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