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Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves beautiful hair without the unnecessary damage 



YUKO, an established brand in the beauty industry since 1996, is best known for its internationally patented hair straightening process that successfully straightens hair without the damage.


In October 2000, the YUKO Hair Straightening system’s “Repair” Technology obtained patent approval in the United States. Not only is it quite rare for a Japanese beauty technology to be granted a patent in the United States, but YUKO was approved in an amazingly short time. The YUKO Hair Straightening system changed the concept of hair straightening in Japan and continues to revolutionize hair straightening throughout the world.


YUKO now maintains a comprehensive range of professional tools, solutions and home care products for every hair type. Through our exceptional products and services, we strive to deliver beautiful hair to our clients across the globe.



YUKO is named after Yuko Yamashita. She is a world renowned hair stylists, lecturer and the inspiration behind the YUKO brand.


Her passion is about searching for ways to make problematic hair more manageable without the damage. By collaborating with the researchers of Phiten, a Japanese sports, health and beauty company, she was able to develop the YUKO Hair Straightening system in 1996.


Ms. Yuko travels the globe holding lectures to beauty professionals on the benefits of YUKO and continues to spread her passion to all.

“Every woman around the world is my customer, regardless of where she lives or what nationality she has.

Looking at their bright smiles from having confidence in their beautiful hair is the main source of my energy to move forward”

- Yuko Yamashita

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