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Perfect Hairstyles for Traveling

Ah..traveling, it’s supposed to be your time to relax. Although stopping and taking numerous pictures in new places and looking back at them sometimes makes you wish you had done your hair a different way. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will stay in place while you adventure all day for the “Picture Perfect” travel look then you must check these out. Whether your destination is just a few hours away or a trip across the continent these hairstyles will make your trip an unforgettable one!

Cabo San Lucas

Our first stop is down to Cabo San Lucas where the water is warm from August - November. No better time to wear some beautiful Beach Waves to go along with the beautiful ocean.

Beach Waves

Use the right hair products for your hair type will help greatly. For instance if you have naturally coarse straight to medium hair it is best to apply some mousse prior to drying your hair, then continue on applying hair spray after curling.

Seattle, WA

Next Stop, Seattle Washington. For a more earthy type of vibe, during a sunny July in Seattle it’s nice to have your hair up and enjoy a new place

Hair Crown

Begin by applying wax to create texture and then create a regular hair bun about to the center of your head. Make sure to create the bun a little loose leaving the temple of your hair out for an elegant touch. Once completed use your choice of hair crown accessory to finish the look.

New Zealand

Next stop is New Zealand, Mount Cook National Park. With one of the most beautiful places to camp this place is the warmest around December, January and February.

French Braid Tail

New Zeland is one the top places in the world to camp and nothing says picture perfect like two French braids on a camping ground. To create the perfect French braid, begin by brushing out your hair to eliminate any knots. Its best to avoid heavy hair products since it can create more build up and being outdoors might not be easy as washing your hair indoors.

Venice, Italy

The climate during June, July and August is the warmest since its summer. Venice is a classy place to visit so no better time than to try an elegant look to go with it.


This classy and elegant look is perfect for a romantic night in the town. Braids help prevent any tangles and keep your hair frizz free, but most importantly they are stylish. When creating this look you can either make a braid or a twist look then spray some hairspray to keep any small flyaway at bay.

And remember where ever your destination is accessories or new hair color can make your pictures and memories a wonderful one.

Safe Travels!


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