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Summer Hair Care

Summer is officially here, if there’s anything worse than hair fading and hair drying is unnecessary chemicals especially during the summer time when the sun is beaming. It’s important to know that during the summer your pores such on your hair open up which allow products that you have in your hair absorb more easily- so make sure your hair as well as your body is absorbing good ingredients. Here are some helpful care tips to keep your hair beautiful and healthy throughout the summer.


The Magic of Oils

Really there isn’t any secret potion, but oil seeds such as sunflower seeds are great use of UV protectant to the hair. You can buy some organic sunflower seed oil and apply it directly to your hair when going out or add 1 drop to your shampoo when you shower.


Try changing to a shampoo and conditioner with added UV protection from sunflower, as well as adopting a leave-in conditioner that will protect your hair from any heat.


To protect your hair even more form the harmful UV rays a hat or a scarf is a great idea to wear in the summer. Wearing hats in the summer aren’t just fashionable they also help the hair retain moisture, which is a big issue during the summer time.

Summer Fun

It’s important to take extra care of your hair when entering a pool over the summer, after all the chlorine in the pools can dry your hair. The best thing to do after the pool is to wash and condition with a great Hydrating Shampoo and Treatment.

Most importantly avoid any hot tools. Have a great summer!

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