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The original Japanese hair straightening that permanently straightens hair without compromising the hair's health

The Original Japanese Hair Straightening

YUKO Hair Straightening is the internationally patented system recognized worldwide as "Japanese Hair Straightening" or "Thermal Reconditioning".


YUKO, together with Phiten, developed the specialized process that has proven itself as the envy of the hair industry. Each step of the procedure is tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, curly, kinky, no matter how unmanageable the hair is, YUKO will leave the hair luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine.

What to expect at the salon

Every salon has their method but this is the general steps to YUKO Hair Straightening. There might be some discrepancies.


A stylist will check you hair type, chemical history, dryness and damage level.

Shampoo & Pre Treatment

They will wash your hair and spray on the appropriate pre treatments. The pre treatments prepare the hair with necessary nutrients for processing.

Solution & Process

YUKO Hair Straightening solution will be applied and left to saturate the hair. The solution will physically change the internal structure of the hair.


The solution is rinsed off completely.


After rinsing, the stylists will blow dry and iron the hair. Ironing permanently creates the straight shape.

Neutralize & Style

By applying the neutralizer, it conditions and finalizes the newly straightened hair. The stylist will rinse off the neutralizer and style the hair accordingly.

After Care Tips

After your YUKO Hair Straightening service, we recommend the use of our home hair care products to maintain your newly straightened hair. Our home hair care products are made with Aqua Gold and perfect for all hair types. Click here to see which line is perfect for you. Please follow these important tips to maintain your new style.

Wait 2 days before shampooing or getting your hair wet

Wait 2 days before tying your hair back, putting in up in clips or wearing hats or other headwear

Blow dry 100% after shampooing every time to maintain straightness

Questions? Visit our FAQ page

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