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Holiday Hair

The holidays can be pretty hectic for many but trying to balance your life along with you appearance doesn’t have to be to challenging. Whether you enjoy the holidays away from everyone or enjoy to spend with the people who matter the most to you, it’s always good to look and feel good about yourself. Check out this awesome quick tricks and styles to make all your holidays simpler.


Holiday Hair Accessories

Give the simplest look a holiday makeover. You can really doll up any hairstyle, by simply adding some holiday accessory into your hair. Not only does it bring the whole look together it adds elegance to your hair.

Goodbye Flyaway

Don’t let flyaway get in the way of a holiday photo. It’s good to have in handy a small traveling hairspray and new toothbrush to set down those pesky flyaway. Simply spray some hairspray on the toothbrush and gently brush your flyways away.

On the Go?

Photo Credit : Megan

If you are like many who need a hair tie or bobby pin when you’re out, it’s time for a fun D.I.Y using an old mint box, paint the box and glue a magnet. The Bobby pins will stay on the magnet creating an organized department.

Goodbye Split Ends

Nothing makes hair look duller than split ends. But you don’t always need to pay a visit to the salon to get them under control. You can actually trim your own split ends. Make sure you have hair-cutting scissors to avoid damaging even more to your hair. Part your hair into sections and take each section one at a time and twist. Examine the hairs that are sticking out of the twist and cut any that have split ends. Repeat for each section.

Beanies are Beautiful

Beanies are not only to keep you warm in the winter they are also quiet stylish. Wearing a beanie doesn’t mean ignoring your hair 100%. You can create a quick look, throw on your beanie and curl the remaining of your hair.

Cheat Maximum Volume

If you love Volume don’t worry, you do not need countless hair products to help achieve volume. All you need is a few bobby pins and a small butterfly clip. Use your butterfly clip underneath your ponytail to give your hair a lift. Spray some water on your hair that falls and roll them in with some rollers. Simply blow-dry and cool to make your hair look naturally voluminous.

And don’t forget to deep condition your locks!

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