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Five Products Each Stylist Needs

It’s easy to get lost with so many products and tools. You might have all the tools and products you need but something simple having the correct chemical brush, of the must haves can make your application services much quicker. Here are some of the must haves you should have in your salon!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay so this a no “brainer”, but the main shampoo you should be seeking to either display or use on your client is pretty simple it narrows down to cleansing, hydrating and a protecting shampoo from all chemical services.

Red Comb by YUKO

Red comb by YUKO is a flexible imido plastic, which can resist up to 428 F. With its shortened tooth that allows hair to separate easily and quickly. While you work on a YUKO or simply straighten your clients hair don’t be afraid to get the comb close to the iron to help you iron quickly and smooth.

Black Comb by YUKO

Each salon has numerous application brushes, but what about an application brush that’s a comb and brush in one? This polyester resin is great for chemical applications or hair dye. While using the comb side to smooth it’s much simpler to work a service with the same brush at hand.

Pre Treatments

Yuko pre-treatments are more than just pre-treatments for a YUKO or Anti-Frizz service. They can be used for all types of services, these “magical” protein waters help restore protein and moisture to each hair. Giving each result a beautiful smooth and shiny look.

A Good Flat Iron

A good iron is a must in each salon. A good iron can help you cut time back from styling, such as this GMJ iron which helps smooth and cut back on styling with its vibrating plates.

What are your must haves in your salon?

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