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New Year's Hairstyle

New Years is a time of celebration. Whether you had a bad year or a good year it’s time to enjoy the last few hours of the year prior and bring in the New Year with positive vibes. While not everyone is out and about celebrating, feeling and looking your best should be the way to welcome the New Year. Here are some hairstyles to try:

Prepare your locks

From shampoo to leave in conditioner using the correct hair products and using them properly will help you achieve many of your hairstyles. Aim for sulfate free shampoos since they are gentler and don’t over dry your hair.

Use a hair masque

Simply wash your hair and apply conditioner towards the end of your hair. Leave in the conditioner for at least 5 minutes then rinse. Your hair will thank you white it retain moisture and

avoiding unwanted frizz through the night.

Quick Volume

For a quick glam look, after washing your hair, spray frizz conditioning spray all over your hair. Blow-dry downwards and use a round brush to add a bit of volume towards the ends. Using a 1 ½ inch curler, curl the ends to one side and one side to the other. Finish with your favorite hairspray to set the look!

Soft Ponytail

Who said pony tails had to be boring? Give your simple bangs some flair. Create a diagonal line and bring the two sides forward. Grab your hair and tie it midway your head. Soft curl your bangs, for an effortless look.

Sleek Hair

Perfecting a sleek ponytail takes time. Another way to style your ponytail is by using silver rings designed to style your knot bringing the look together, for a fun and elegant look.

Funky Ponytail

Who could have thought that a simple hairstyle can turn out to be pretty glamorous? This hairstyle uses many elastic rubber bands. Start by creating a half pony on top, grab about the same quantity you did on top from your temple area and gather on the back, with the remaining of the hair. While tying your hair, hold the elastic band and push hair on top up to create a bobble. Repeat until finish with some hairspray and pull some small amount of hair.

Have a safe and Happy New Years!

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