Buyer Beware

In the recent years, YUKO professional products have been sold through different channels without the official company’s authorization. Please be aware that YUKO will not be held liable for the outcome of such products.

YUKO has a policy to check each customer’s credentials to guarantee that every stylist that purchase our professional products are licensed cosmetologists. Every stylist must provide a valid cosmetology license issued by the state that they perform their service.

Sylists performing outside the US will verified of its authenticity and the legality in their region accordingly. We ask every customer that are interested in our product to first sign up via our Professional page on our website, then proceed to purchase a Starter Kit.

What are YUKO Professional Products?

The following merchandise to considered “professional” and requires a valid cosmetology license to purchase (click on the name for reference):


YUKO G-Cream Hair Straightening H 

YUKO G-Cream Hair Straightening S

YUKO G-Cream Hair Straightening Neutralizer

YUKO G-EX Soft Solution and Neutralizer



G-Hair Water


G-Heat Guard

G-Cream Controller

This list applies only within USA. Professional products vary between distributors, so please contact the distributor nearest to your continent for further information.

The following websites are the authorized distributors

of YUKO Professional line of products.


*Please note that this list only applies to YUKO Professional products only. There are other sites that sell YUKO retail products which they are authorized to do so. You would need to have a valid cosmetology to purchase and have an account with each website. Please contact them for specifications. All other websites selling YUKO professional products are NOT authorized to do so and are selling without YUKO’s consent.