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YUKO Flagship Salon first opened at Beverly Hills in 1999 gaining a steady stream of YUKO fans.Throughout the years, not only we served and satisfied many customers with gorgeous hair, but we also trained countless stylists to be come YUKO Hair Straightening specialists.

Now re opening its doors in Torrance, we strive to give the best service and the best result. With more than 10 years of YUKO Hair Straightening experience, our stylists can guarantee the results you wanted.


YUKO Hair Straightening is the internationally patented system recognized worldwide as “Japanese Hair Straightening” or “Thermal Reconditioning”. YUKO, together with Phiten, developed the specialized process that has proven itself as the envy of the hair industry. Each step of the procedure is specifically tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, curly, kinky or unmanageable hair is left luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine.


YUKO Hair Straightening is the original system that revolutionized hair straightening over 15 years ago and retains patent approval in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and several other countries around the world. 

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