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The Original Japanese Hair Straightening

YUKO's specialized procedure is known also as Japanese Hair Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning. Each step is specifically tailored to recondition and maintain the health of the hair. YUKO presents high quality results without compromising the hair's health or vibrancy.



YUKO’s presents you with the original procedure with revolutionized hair straightening. YUKO, together with Phiten, developed the specialized process that has proven itself as the envy of the hair industry. 


Each step of the procedure is specifically tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, kinky, curly or unmanageable hair is left luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine.

Steps to YUKO Hair Straightening

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Hair Analysis
Pre Treatment
Apply Solution
Apply Neutralizer
Rinse Neutralizer
Blow Dry & Iron
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