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Step 1

Hair Analysis

Pre Caution

Before you start the straightening process, be aware of the following things

  • Never combine cream and gel straighteners nor combine different strength

  • Read the direction carefully before proceeding with the procedure

  • Not following the direction can  result in hair breakage/over processing and/or skin irritation

  • Do not use product if your client has had an allergic reaction to thermal straighteners, perm solutions, coloring hair dye

Hair Analysis

  • Check the hair type, chemical treatment history, dryness and damage level.

  • The processing time will become shorter with repeated and/or compound chemical procedures.

Hair Analysis Chart

Refer to this chart to identify the condition of the client's hair. This is a reference and not the final solution. Please keep in mind that every hair reacts differently to our chemical

Healthy to Slightly Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair




  • Virgin

  • Semi Permanent Color

  • Colored with 10 vol. peroxide

  • Permed

  • Thermal damage (Ironing, blow dry etc)

  • Colored with 20 vol. peroxide 

  • Tight Permed

  • Split end and/or dry ends

  • Colored with 30, 40 vol. peroxide 

  • Home Colored and/or bleached

  • Thermal Reconditioning

  • Repeatedly colored with 20 vol. peroxide


G-Cream H 


G-Cream H or S


G-Cream S

One Last Thing

  • Identifying the hair damage level and its source correctly can avoid misunderstanding the damage level which can lead to over processing the hair

  • Explain the expected result to your client so they are aware of the outcome and avoid any misunderstanding

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