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Step 4

Apply the Solution

YUKO Hair Straightening Solution

YUKO has 3 different types of solution*. Choose according to what you have concluded in the hair analysis phase.

* Stylist needs to purchase a starter kit before buying individual solutions.

G-Cream H

For coarse, healthy and/or virgin hair

Cream type

G-Cream S

For thin, color and/or slightly damaged hair. Cream type

How to Apply

 Apply the solution 1 inch away from the scalp and in 1 inch subsections

 Cover the hair with plastic wrap after applying the solution

 Perform an elasticity check to see if the hair is processed (see below diagram)

Elasticity Check

Complete an elasticity check couple minutes into the processing time to see if the status of the hair or if it's ready.

Example 1

Step 1

Pick 3-4 strands of hair

Step 2

Hold the processed hair and gently stretch. Do not pull too hard

Step 3

If the hair stretches 1-1.5 in with ease then the hair is ready. If not wait and repeat the check.

Example 2

Step 1

Take 1/4 inches of hair and wipe off solution

Step 2

Wrap the hair around a finger twice. Take out the finger and place the loop on palm

Step 3

If the loop looks relaxed, the hair is ready

Step 4

If the loop looks stiff and hard, the hair still needs time to processed

One Last Thing

  • Never apply on the scalp. It can cause the hair to bend at the roots

  • Don't press down the plastic wrap due to the solution spreading to the roots

  • Make sure to saturate the solution well into the hair so every strand is covered

  • Apply the solution evenly and quickly as possible to avoid disparity in processing time

  • Don't apply heat. Heat causes over and uneven processing of the hair

  • Don't comb through the solution because it strips away the chemical

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