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Step 9

Blow Dry & Ironing

Spray on the following pre treatments on towel dried hair before blow drying

G-Hair Water

After shampoo, spray the G-Hair Water on towel dry hair prior to applying the solution. This is used on all types of hair

< Facilitates chemical reactions >

< Moisturizes the hair >

< Can be used for coloring >

G-Heat Guard

Protects the hair from any heat, while creates shine and softness

< Strengthens and moisturizes >

< Keratin Based >

< Protects from chemical process >

How to Blow Dry

Spray the G-Hair Water and the G-Heat Guard

Blow dry the hair until it's about 80-90% dry. Do not dry completely.

Iron in 1/3-1/2 subsections

Blow dry hair in the direction of the cuticle to create a smoother and shinier hair surface


Finish the process with ironing. Use either of the styling product to finish off the straightening process

Frizz Control Serum

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