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Helping hair nourish and repair

YUKO offers variety of different products to help repair and soften damaged hair. Click on the links below to see which system works best for your clients

YUKO Pre Treatments

pre treatment

An intensive conditioning system applied to complement chemical processes that would otherwise cause stress and damage to the hair. This innovational priming process is designed especially for hair coloring and straightening. The application of YUKO pre treatment balances the hair pH level and extends the life of colored hair. Each step revitalizes the hair with moisture and essential nutrients.

G-Hair Water

Incorporating a generous amount of Aqua Gold, the G-Hair Water not only provides more moisture to the hair, but help facilitate chemicals even better into your hair.

G-Heat Guard

Contains heat activated keratin to help smooth out the outer surface of the hair. The G-Heat Guard also uses CMC and amino acids to help make hair vibrant and healthier.


Contains the same keratin found in hair, G-PPT protects the damaged areas keeping in moisture while maintaining the health of the hair.

G-Cream Controller

Contains a generous amount of gold, rice bran oil and shea butter to help condition the hair and protect it from damage due to hair straighteners.

Deep Conditioning Treatment


Our DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT BY YUKO will restore health and shine to your hair by using a unique blend of naturally derived ingredients. We use ingredients such as silk, soy wheat and meadowfoam oil to help seal and smooth the hair cuticles

  • The meadowfoam oil activates with heat to better condition the hair by creating a coating and also deposits proteins and nutrients for a healthier feel.

  • Works on all hair type

  • Treatment will last an average of 10 washes

  • Green Apple Scent

  • Can be performed after any chemical treatments

How to Apply

Step 1 | Shampoo

Wash the hair using only shampoo

Step 4 | Process

Process for 10-20 min. Heat is optional

Step 2 | Pre Treatment

Wash the hair using only shampoo

Step 5 |Rinse

Wash the hair using only shampoo

Step 3 | Apply

Apply the treatment on damp hair, avoid the scalp.

Step 6 | Iron

Blow dry and iron

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