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Step 2

Apply Solution 1

Spray the G-Hair Water on towel dried hair before applying the first solution

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G-Hair Water

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Moisturizing spray that helps facilitate chemicals and keeps the hair protected

Semi-permanent solutions that controls frizz. For all hair types.

Cream Type

How to Apply

Spray a generous amount of G-Hair Water on the entire hair

 Apply the solution 1 inch away from the scalp and in 1 inch subsections

Process the hair for 5-15 min depending on the hair condition. (Look at chart below for reference)

Rinse off the solution after proper process time

Processing Time Chart

Depending on the condition of the hair, the processing time differs. Please refer below for detailed analysis. 

Process Time

  • Home colored, colored with 30, 40 vol. peroxide

  • Bleached or highlighted 

  • Brazilian/Keratin Treatment

  • Japanese Hair Straightening

Process Time

10 - 15 minutes

  • Semi-permanent color

  • Colored with 10, 20 vol. peroxide

  • Thermal damage, split and dry ends​

One Last Thing

  • Never apply on the scalp. It can cause the hair to bend at the roots

  • This system may not work on resistant hair. The chemical is too weak to penetrate the hair surface.

  • Do not process for more than 15 minutes. The chemical stops saturating into the hair but continues to process the surface, causing dryness

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