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How to Create Fringes

Move over side swept bangs, fringe bangs are making a comeback. It’s more important than ever since it’s high demanded trend. Mastering how to blend in fringe with layers take some practicing to do. Here are some tips on how to create some fringes and to guide you in perfecting them.


What to Avoid

It’s important to pay attention to your client’s type of hair, whether; the hair is thicker or finer makes a big impact on how the hair falls into place. Be aware of small details such as “widow’s Peaks” and hairlines, since some fringes wont flow well in some cases.

Face Features

Fringe really are great for almost anyone, however; a client with wider eyes can work with many types of fringes. Typically fringes that are in a square form help bring out the cheekbones and balance the face features.

How to create fringe

When creating layered fringes you must razor and texture the fringe, to remove the weight. If the fringe is too round and full it tends to drag down the features of the individuals face, for example making the individual look older than their age and will not flatter their face.

When cutting fringes it’s important to keep both the width and length equally balanced. If the length is much shorter and the fringe is much thicker, it will not only look odd but choppy.

Credit Photo: ELSIE LARSON

For those short fringes that line up with the client’s eyebrow the best technique to get a straight cut is by using a comb. It’s important for a fringe to be aligned properly after all is what the client sees every day.

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